Join Me the Month of January teaching from Be Ye Transformed Book January 4, 11,18, & 25th
January 4, 2015
Teaching from Various Studies in my Book "Be Ye Transformed" Sunday School Hours 9:30 to 10:30 am Beulah Heights Church 782 Orchard Street New Haven CT 06511 Host Pastor: Bishop Theodore L Brooks
Altar Evangelism Deliverance Training Host: Dr Aretha Wilson
January 9, 2015
Evangelism Training at Kingdom Ambassadors Global Ministries 188 Vincent Ave, Lynbrook NY 11563 Friday 7:30pm & Saturday 11am "Certificate of Completion Provided" Host Pastor: Dr Aretha Wilson




Basic Principles of Prayer READ MORE
Released 5/1/2014 Order your copy!

Altar Worker Seminar Sessions Outline and Basic Information

Topics: Basic Etiquette, What To Expect, Understanding Discernment, Spiritual Warfare, Witnessing to this Generation & More! For More Info or Booking Visit: 203.668.4936

On average in America, 2.2 million people die. Of these about 1 million (based on what we believe) will end up separated from God for eternity. When we are not equipped to evangelize effectively the people who come to our churches, or who cross our paths we are left (not accountable for their choice to reject Christ) but for our lack, and for our not seizing opportunities that Gods sends our way to help us to be as effective as possible in leading seekers to Him. Effective Evangelism Seminars for you, your church, your conference, or your event has come to your door step!

Basic Altar Etiquette deals with:

An altar worker being a disciplined and trained saint. A person who has walked with the Lord long enough to know how to be under the control of the Holy Spirit in the situations of life and even in a crisis.   Rom. 8:14 led by the Spirit. Hygiene, Attitudes, Attire, how to hold people, where hands are laid etc.

What to Expect at the Altar deals with:

People coming to our altars today, from teens and adults with no church experience, street people, backslidden, abused people emotionally and physically, mentally challenged etc.

Understanding Discernment deals with:

Training on discernment, hearing God, Communion with God at an altar, the a little on spirit realm.

Spiritual Warfare deals with:

The enemy and his tactics at the altar, recognizing the enemy, the difference between flesh and spiritual reactions

Background on other religions deals with:
Basic information on other faiths beliefs and making sure you dont get caught up in jargon at the altar and have basic knowledge peoples mindsets.  From Catholicism, Muslim Faith, Jehovahs Witness, Mormonism, and others
Witnessing to this generation deals with:

Trends and times we are in and what works today and what doesnt.


*Sessions are subject to change due to the leading of the Holy Spirit and what He deems needed for a particular group!


Prepare for an encounter like never before. These Sessions are recommended for the entire church Body. They have been facilitated for entire churches, conference settings, retreats, altar and ministry teams and other scheduled events.

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